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Hema Q2 Dental Washer

Basic Parameters:
Stainless steel cabin: High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean.
Standard basket provided with 16 hand pieces.
Volume of the cabin: ≥ 65 L
Dimension(W× H× D): 550× 438× 500(mm);
Noise: ≤ 50dB
Max power consumption: ≤ 1280W
Weight: ≤ 22kg
Standard water input filter: Poriness: 96%; Filter speed: 20-85 m3/h, optimization input water quality and ensure the washing effect...
Water supply pressure: 0.04-1.0Mpa, users may choose hot water or cold water supply source.
Main Features:
Preset 5 automatic washing procedures in firmware: Robust, standard, fast, supper fast, easy, may cost 15~135min.
Show the information of washing procedure, time, temperature, cleaning reagent, etc.
Buzzer beep when at the end of washing procedure.
Vacuum composite filter: Minimum filter aperture≥ 10μ M, ensure the cleaning effect.
Supply special jams to keep internal flow pressure stable and ensure the cleaning effect.
Washing flow control: 3 dimension continuously water spray on the inner and outer surface of the wares been washed. Washing water pressure: 0.3-0.4 Mpa.
Auto drain system: Double pump, double stainless steel filter, auto draining.
May store more than 500 washing real-time record. Users may monitor the working history of the machine, fit GMP requirement, keep the memory after power off.
Optional printer may print the washing record.
Automatic trouble diagnosis and emergency shut down.
Inner voltage monitor, auto stop the washing processing and record the break point when abnormal power off.