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Super Lizer Therapy (model: H2)


Name:Hema H2 Super Lizer therapy


Oday many painful disorders are treated with Super Lizer therapy created by a phototherapy Device irradiating high power linear polarized near-infrared light.The wavelength range 600-1600nm, it can penetrate into the deep tissue up to 5 cm.With better blood circulation and warm Feeling of the treated tissues, pains are significantly relieved.In addition, irradiating the stellate Ganglion with Super Lizer was proved highly effective for the physical treatment of pain.The Super Lizer resolves many drawbacks of invasive medical treatment, It can be easily used free of pain, non-invasive or enabling use by all healthcare workers for all patients, including small children.Many Anesthesiologists consider the Super Lizer an essential mode of treatment.Super Lizer was now Widely applied in Pain relief Clinic, Physical Therapy, rehabilitation facilities and Veterinary market.Many open studies and case reports showed that direct irradiation or irradiation near the stellate Ganglion with a Super Lizer™(ISGL) was effective for temporomandibular joint pain, frozen shoulder,Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, thalamic pain, postherpetic neuralgia, alopecia areata etc.


The device can be widely used in many areas exception for eyes, thyroid gland, malignant tumor and

Belly and lumbosacral portion of pregnant woman.

Five therapy operation modes in multiple combinations.

1/ continuous wave(CW)

Continuous irradiating of linear polarized near-infrared light.

2/ pulse mode

Switch on and off at preset duration.

3/out put adjustable mode

Preset the out put of the therapy

4/time mode

Preset the time and duration of the therapy

5/safe mode

Safe program in minimum power.

Five lens units

B1 Lens unit

Out put:3300MW

For model K1 & H2

Diameter of focus area:10mm

For deep tissue irradiation

SG Lens unit

Out put:1400MW

For model K1 & H2

Diameter of focus area:7mm

For very deep tissue irradiation

C Lens unit

Out put:5600MW

For model K1 & H2

Diameter of focus area:78mm

For shallow tissue irradiation in very large area

D Lens unit

Out put:5600MW

For model K1& H2

Diameter of focus area:55mm

For shallow tissue irradiation in large area

H2 Specifications

Wave length:600-1600nm

Max out put:5600MW

Rated voltage:AC 220 V, (or Variable with countries)

Light source:Two units of 150W super iodine lamps, made in Japan

Lens units in operation:Two units work simultaneously and diagram adjustable separately.

Applicable lens units:B2, SG, C, D

Control & display:Press keys, LCD display

Operation mode:Five therapy operation modes in multiple combinations.

Out put adjustable:10%-100%

Time setting:1-10 minutes

Affiliate function:SD memory card, STOP switch by patient, light source protector.